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Labor Doula Support

Comprehensive Support for Pregnancy, Birth, and the Early Postpartum

Price: $900


Prenatal Appointments

Our Labor Doula Support packages include two prenatal visits in the comfort of your home. These visits can include help with developing a birth plan, instruction in comfort measures, informational support, and more. Our clients also receive 24/7 phone support from our doulas from the start of the contract to the end. 


On-Call Labor Support

No matter where or when you give birth, we will be there. Our clients receive on-call labor support as part of our packages. Ohio Valley Doulas support home births, hospital births, cesarean births, natural births, medicated births, and more. 


Postpartum Check-In

Our doulas provide up to two hours of immediate support in the hospital following your birth. This support has shown benefits for mother-infant bonding, breastfeeding, and overall satisfaction with the birth experience. Our birth support also includes a postpartum check-in one to two weeks postpartum in the comfort of your home. This visit can address thoughts about the birth, follow-up guidance, breast feeding support, perinatal mood disorder screening, and more. 

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