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Drop-In Nanny Care

Customizable Childcare from a High-End, International Nanny Association Credentialed Provider

Price: $25/hr+

Hourly Childcare

Even if you have a childcare provider that you love, people get sick, and occasionally daycare centers close. Our International Nanny Association Credentialed Nannies are available for hourly childcare when you need them. It is recommended that you book ahead because this service is dependent on availability. 

Short-Term Contracts

Do you need reliable childcare, but don't need a long-term contract? Our nannies are available for short-term placements for families that want a professional but do not require one for an extended period. This is perfect for families who are on a daycare waitlist or need summer care for school-aged children.


Travel Nanny

Enjoy your vacation without having to worry about childcare for date nights, outings, and overnights! Our travel nannies maintain a current U.S. Passport and are ready for adventure. Accommodations, travel, and meals need to be covered in addition to regular payment for these contracts.  

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